About Us:

We are a diamond company applauded for our excellent workmanship, commitment, on time delivery and authenticity of our products. With us you do not have to worry about your various queries and confusions about diamonds. We offer you these dazzling gems in almost all available shapes, sizes and carat weights.

The company is founded by a knowledgeable and experienced trio.

All three of them had a common vision and motto; to lay foundation of a company who best caters to the needs of thousand of diamond lovers. Each of them have very specialized skill in particular department, which combined and brought forth one of the best diamond companies of the world.

Mr. Ashok Tejani is an experienced member of diamond fraternity and holds an exposure in the industry for more than whopping two decades. He started his profession as a diamond broker and his continuous perseverance has brought him to these heights.

Mr. Harshad Tejani has an accomplished proficiency in converting diamond roughs to splendid and dazzling diamonds. When one spots these beaming gems, it is hard to believe that they originated from jagged and rugged rocks.

Mr. Jayesh Tejani, the third patron of this outstanding trio has mastery in marketing sector. He has exceptional experience in this field with customers well spread across the globe; and their number is still increasing with each day.

  • While working in the industry, they always felt that the aspirations of the customers are not fulfilled at a common same place. Some people need a variety of combinations in a single piece of diamond. It is then, when they put their diversified experiences of decades into a unique usage. They established a company 'Kumar Jewels', which is, till date, quenching customer's thirst regarding any enquiry and demand about diamonds.
  • We made sure that the quality is not compromised and hence our company sources rough diamonds from countries like South Africa, Russia and Belgium. We present you 13 types of shapes of diamonds; we have significant specialization in Brilliant shape (round), Pear shape, Oval shape, Heart shape and Princess cut diamonds. In round and fancy shapes, our diamonds range from 0.18 cents to 10 carats. Most incredible feature that we showcase is- we in house manufacture polished diamonds with 100% authenticity.
  • We hold strength of 100-120 employees happily working across the globe.
  • Having headquarters and corporate office in Mumbai (Maharashtra), we have a large manufacturing unit in Surat (Gujarat).
  • Additionally, we have office in Hong Kong and our esteemed customers are scattered around length and breadth of earth, especially in countries like India, USA , UK, Middle East, Far East, Israel and Europe.

    All above specialties surely contribute to what we are today; but, it is thousands of you settled all over the world who buy from us, whose valuable feedback helps us continuously transcend into becoming better and better!