We believe in precision

Have you ever pondered over, what all does it take us to deliver you these excellent dazzling diamond gems? Gone are the days when people were just interested in adorning themselves with these forever sparkling diamonds; these days, they are equally interested in knowing how and where their diamond has traveled and what was done to make it look how it appears today.

We acknowledge your desire and have brought forth the entire process of manufacturing of our diamonds; to quench your thirst to know all. Without further ado, lets check them out.

This includes the entire steps which are involved to transform raw materials into finished products. This process starts with procurement of rough diamonds and goes on till polishing (with the use of modern technology, well equipped machines & proficient craftsmanship). We produce more than 13 shapes and have artisans with experienced manufacturing skills (having expertise in manufacturing all known shapes of diamonds).

The diamond roughs are available in a number of countries around the globe. But, we believe in delivering best quality diamonds to our customers. Keeping this in mind, we procure our diamond roughs only from Canada, South Africa, Russia, Katuka and Angola.

After rough is procured, the task of assortment of these roughs begins. It is not an easy task and we employ only trained people for this work, who have years of working experience. We have listed below how we assort these roughs.

  • Stones- Unbroken crystal with regular formation
  • Shapes- Unbroken crystal with less regularity
  • Cleavages- Broken & / or irregular shaped roughs begins.
4) Sarin: This is in fact a machine. It performs all adequate cutting designs for rough diamonds and measurement of symmetry for polishing diamonds. Hence, it provides a scientific base for production, operation and highly improves efficiency and quality of diamond gems.
5) Planning and marking: Rough diamonds are planned and marked according to the shape and size of their rough; position of the inclusion and density; prevailing market trend of various shapes. Below are famous 13 diamond shapes that we provide to our esteemed customers.
  • Round (Brilliant)

  • Heart Shape

  • Asscher Cut

  • Princess Cut

  • Emerald Cut

  • Cushion Cut

  • Modified Cushion

  • Radiant Cut

  • SQ Radiant

  • Triangle Cut

  • Pear Shape

  • Oval Shape

  • Marquise

6) Cleaving: In a diamond, if marking is parallel to the planes, then cleaving is done. The sparkling stone is cleaved with a blade & a mallet.
7) Sawing: In a diamond, if marking is perpendicular or against the planes, then sawing is done. In other words, when it is difficult or impossible or uneconomical to remove flawed parts, then sawing is done. We use blade.

8) Blocking and Brutin: After all the above processes have been performed, the diamond is once again planned in accordance with the obtained result. After the new planning is done, the stone then goes for blocking or bruting. It gives the shape to an undressed diamond. Blocking/Bruting is done in such a manner, that a polisher can give finest result. Rounding off the corners of a diamond is called bruting. We use latest technology like auto bruter machine & auto laser bruter machine

9) Polishing: After bruiting, the diamond goes for polishing and this is the last step of manufacturing. We can also say that the beauty and dazzle of a diamond lies in the hands of its polisher. To have the best results, we reexamine diamond for any option of clarity enhancement according to its size. To be able to accomplish an outstanding diamond, an artisan has to take care of symmetry factors, polishing lines, crown angle, etc.

It is noteworthy that at Kumar Jewels, every process mentioned above comprises of-

  1. Use of modern equipment like helium machine to get unmatched symmetry.
  2. Use of smart-I Finger printing machine for polish diamond registration
  3. Rough analyzer to increase precision and management control.
  4. Logical flow of inventory to ensure smooth functioning of factories.
  5. Substantial decrease in the need to re-cut polished diamond to near zero.
  6. Effective handling of diamonds with air bubbles.
  7. Step by step polishing of diamond to save luster.

So, this is how your favorite diamond is manufactured. We hope that knowing the complete story will fascinate you more and will enjoy embellishing yourself in forever sparkling diamonds!