Terms and Conditions
  1. I hereby acknowledge receipt of the goods which you have entrusted to me and which I hold trust for you for the following purpose and on the following conditions.
  2. The goods have been entrusted to me for sole purpose of being shown to intending purchasers of inspection.
  3. The goods remain your propety and I acquire on right property or interes in them till a sale not signed by you is passed or till the price is paid in respect there of not withs the fact that mention is made of the rate/price in the particulars of goods herein below set forth.
  4. I agree not to sell or pledge, or mortgage , or hypothecate the said goods or otherwise deal with them in any manner till a sale not signed by you is passed or the price paid The goods are to be returned to you forthwith whenever demanded back.
  5. The goods will be at risk in all respects till a sale post signed by you is passed in respect therein or till the price is paid to you or till the goods are returned to you and i am responsible to you for the said goods in the same condition as I have received the same.